Video Interview Tips to Help Secure Your Next Career Move

By Carol Benson | Posted Apr 28 | Blog

As the current state of social distancing and pandemic cautions continues, with no certain return to standard practices set in stone, in order to be profitable and productive, to continue moving forward with our lives and our careers, we have to make certain adjustments. Potential candidates don’t want to miss out on the opportunities the coming active market will provide. A few video interview tips could provide you the edge you need to maximize your potential results.

Teleconferencing software is an essential tool in bridging the gap during a time when being safely in a room with another person is seen as unsafe or against current health and wellness company policy. Knowing how will serve those ambitious difference makers and enhance the impact you can have remotely.

Familiarize Yourself with the App

When you are invited to a remote interview, be certain you know exactly what conferencing application your potential employer is using. Download the software and ensure it works properly on your setup. The last thing you want is unforeseen technical difficulties that could have been easily managed with a bit of foresight. 


Not all equipment, such as a microphone and webcam function the same way and might have settings that conflict with program defaults. Test as many situations out as possible. Play with every option to best anticipate technological obstacles before they become very visible distractions during your interview. As far as interview tips go, this is a no-brainer. Learning is part of perfecting any new skill and is much more productive not done on the fly. 

What’s That Behind You

You want the interviewer’s focus to be on you and only you. Checking and double-checking that your background is stable and free of distractions will allow you to better hold focus and to control your part of the process. 

I Feel Like I have Been Here Before

There’s a very good chance that this is not your first interview. Think back to all the questions which have been asked in every interview you have ever done. “What is your greatest strength as an employee? Where do you feel you need to improve?” These are pretty standard inquiries. Preparing answers for these and other typical questions will allow you to not only convey that you have taken the time to prepare but will also allow you to set a pace, leaving you feeling more comfortable and in control of this digital environment. 

When it is Your Turn

One of the most important video interview tips we can give is to be prepared when the interviewer asks, “What questions do you have?” This is a prime opportunity to learn about the company’s internal and remote cultures, to determine if this will be an environment where you can build your skills and grow as a professional. Determine what your priorities are and form questions based around those hierarchies of needs. 

Shut it Down

Double-check your computer and make sure all nonessential programs or applications are shut down during your video interview. We are looking to remove as much unexpected distraction as we possibly can and to eliminate any possibilities another task will interrupt or cause the teleconferencing software to behave irregularly.  

Be On Time

As video interview tips go, this might be the most important. Mistakes happen and technology behaves erratically sometimes, but the one thing you can ensure is that you show up on time. By preparing the software and practicing it’s usage, being available and on time is the first essential step in using every previous tip effectively.

The best thing any of us can do during uncertain times is to hone our skills and be ready for the success that will follow. At CBR Search Specialists we hope you take the time to develop and to discover all that you will have to offer in a market that truly values your possible contributions. If you need any assistance achieving real career mobility, reach out. We’d be happy to have that conversation.