Take Care of Yourself

By Carol Benson | Posted Jun 8 | Blog

Let’s talk about stress. It’s not a fun topic, but it is something that everyone experiences, although the triggers of stress are unique. In turn, the amount of stress you can handle is different than another—that being said, it is vital to give yourself a break and time to overcome and or manage your stress triggers. 

Life can feel like a roller coaster. There are always going to be ups and downs. Sadly, you can count on that. There are steps you can take, though, to help you regain control and find harmony with your mind, body and spirit.

Be Healthy

We have all heard that exercise is great for us—but it’s more than just losing weight. Setting a daily routine that includes some physical activity and a balanced diet has more benefits than just lowering your BMI. Through exercise, you will get a boost in endorphins, help focus your brain for the day ahead and reduce feelings of anxiety and depression. Finding an activity that you enjoy is the best way to keep up with the daily routine. 

Just as exercise can help boost your mood, so can whole foods. Foods can affect mood, emotions and psychological health. Herbal tea is great for a feeling of calm and dark chocolate helps relieve stress and is rich in antioxidants—and who doesn’t love chocolate? 

Be Mindful

Mindfulness gently builds inner strength, meaning that future stressors create less of an impact on your happiness and overall well-being. By becoming more in tune with your thoughts and emotions, you will be able to process your thoughts and feelings more effectively. Being able to recognize how you feel and why you feel a particular way is a great tool to aid in your comfort and health. 

Meditation is a great way to help learn mindfulness. There are plenty of guided meditation lesions on YouTube and even though apps like Headspace

Be Thankful 

Have you ever met someone who seems extremely grounded? Chances are, they frequently practice mindfulness and thankfulness. Being grateful and calling to mind things that make you happy can help shape your attitude and perceptions of the situations around you. It is a great practice to name a few things in the morning that you are thankful for to keep you grounded in the present. 

As you begin to cultivate gratitude, you will have a brighter outlook of the future and that can-do attitude will help you become a better person. 

Be You

Stress can come from the mindset that you are not enough, which is far from the truth. Embracing what makes you unique and loving yourself for who you are can go a long way in reducing the built-up stress in your life. No one is perfect and that is what makes the world so beautiful. Know that you are great and what you bring to the table is different than anyone else, because you aren’t like any other person. We all struggle in life, but the world would be a little darker without your light in it—so keep shining.

At CBR Search Specialists, we believe that everyone is at their best when they find their balance. We love each mind and heart of the people we work with daily.